Hi! I’m X.

I am the lead software developer at Empire State. We love the Ionic Framework and Angular so you’ll usually find me hammering out JS / TS or PHP.
After I finished university, I got my first job at a company called NuPay. This is where I met Ed. He interviewed me for the position, which I got on the back of wanting to develop a Sudoku game in my spare time!
I was a junior software developer in Ed’s team, working for three and a half years on the first cloud-based point of sale terminal system.
Working together on this project was the catalyst that started my journey to Empire State.
What I love most about the company is the people I work with and the values the company upholds. I really love doing what I do – I have a passion for it which gets me out of bed in the morning.
My hope is that I can use my skill-set to write an app or a website that makes people’s lives both easier and better.
As unorthodox as this is for a typical “geek”, I really love nature and being outdoors. I love all sorts of sports that take place outside, so you will often find me on the golf course or around the braai.
I am also the reigning beer pong champion of Kempton Park. 🏆

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Hi! I’m Tom.

By Empire State | 06-01-2022