Hi! I’m Shannon.

I am officially the social media manager at Empire State, but I help with a few other things as well.
I am responsible for designing some of the social media posts; engaging and communicating with prospects on social media; playing around with Sketch and Zeplin; and at some stage in the near future, I hope to be exploring more in the world of coding.

After I finished high school, I jumped straight into university (Vega School Johannesburg). While at university I did a few odd jobs (#studentlife) like au pairing, sports coaching and housesitting. I then started working at a company that transported children home; it was only supposed to be for two weeks, but I ended up becoming permanent and stayed for about a year and a half! During the time I was there, I worked my way up to chief operating officer and basically ran the company myself for the last four months … and then Covid happened, and there were just not enough kids for me to continue.
I finished my third year of university and started looking for a permanent job in the digital marketing field. It took about six months before I applied and was accepted into the ES family.

I was so comfortable entering Empire State because of how welcoming everyone was. Starting any job is so nervewracking, but in my interview I had so much in common with Leigh and Candice and we laughed about so many weird things ( … yes, this was my interview). I have since grown to love everyone within the ES family.

I just genuinely enjoy what I do and that is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I love getting up knowing I am doing something I love, as opposed to something I really do not enjoy.

Spoiler alert: I am not cool! 😂 I have become such a stay-at-home instead of go-out person. I do love the extra activities I do outside of Empire State – action netball, aerial yoga and playing lawn bowls (google it! 😉).

For some reason, people are very surprised to know that I am currently 22 and I play lawn bowls. But I love playing!!

I believe that showing someone that you can achieve whatever you want (even if you do not have the skills for it; learning is such an important part of life) will help to make the world a better place. There are numerous skills that you may not have yet, but that you can learn to help you grow and prosper.

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Hi! I’m Tom.

By Empire State | 06-01-2022