Hi! I’m Chanel.

My role at Empire State involves a broad set of responsibilities, ranging from key accounts to support and operations. I’m the “funnel” for a lot of communication, and I’m responsible for making sure our clients are happy and looked after.

I do occasionally help out on the operational and creative side of things, and I truly enjoy being able to be involved in an array of different tasks.

I graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BCom in Marketing and Communication Management, and a BCom (Honours) in Communication Management.

My first job was at a media monitoring company as a client support consultant. Thereafter I had the opportunity to join a tech startup specialising in mobile event apps, where I was the customer success manager. I grew with the company and eventually moved into a product owner role. I attended a lot of events and met some really cool and influential people during the six years I worked there.

During the Level 5 lockdown in 2020 I decided to learn a new skill and enrolled in an online graphic design course at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.
I really enjoyed the course, and it sparked a new interest in me. Soon after I had completed the course, this amazing opportunity presented itself at Empire State.

It’s genuinely refreshing to be part of a team that is so caring and focused on their employees. I love the light-hearted environment that Empire State cultivates.
We all have different backgrounds, interests and skills. Despite the fact that each of us are different, we all have something in common: each member of the family is a top human beings and super talented in their own way – whether in design, coding, analysing, problem solving or meme sharing!

What makes me get out of bed in the morning? My hubby, who brings me coffee in bed – oh, how divine! 😉
On a serious note, I’m passionate about people and enjoy interacting with the different stakeholders in a business. I’m proud to be part of the ES family and believe in the work we do, which motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. It’s so rewarding to know that you are appreciated.

Communication and social intelligence go hand-in-hand and there is a need for genuine human connection. I do believe that having good emotional intelligence is key to building stronger relationships. I would be thrilled if I can use this skill to build and maintain a good work culture and to protect the “human connection” in an era of increasing automation.

One of my favorite pastimes is dancing (ballet and contemporary) and choreography. I’m a qualified ballet teacher and I love being able to create something beautiful and share it with others. 💃 In my spare time (pre-Covid) I used to be a freelance ballet teacher and choreographer.

Although I may come across as a “girly girl”, but you’ll be surprised to know that I’m a massive sports fan – especially Rugby and Formula 1! I love all the emotion that goes into sport, and how it unites people.

I’m also a lover of the outdoors, and being on mountains is something that has always filled me with great energy. I enjoy travelling and exploring our beautiful world and its cultures with my hubster.
I have an appreciation for good food and wine – in fact, there’s a song stuck in my head right now which about sums it up: “Red red wine … ” 🍷🎶

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Hi! I’m Tom.

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